Monday, February 21, 2011

GoodWill is awesome

Went out today to the mall.  Not much there really and because today was a holiday, it was packed.  After leaving I decided to head over to the goodwill nearby.  In the book section I actually found
and Homer's Odyssey, couldn't find a good picture of it.

Mona Lisa Overdrive is the third book in the Sprawl Series, Neuromancer being the first book and Count Zero being the second.
Children of Dune is the third of the Dune Trilogy by Frank Herbert.
What I am currently reading now is Dune, which I found at the same GoodWill...for 50 cents.


  1. 50 cents. a steal whatever book it may be let alone a good one.

  2. Oh man... Good picks. Both of those bring back memories of getting my mind blown around age 15.

    To me the best part of used paperbacks like those is the smell -- the cheaper ones especially, I just love that mustiness they have.

  3. Homer's Odyssey is a great tale.

  4. I am a huge dune fan. I've read 4 of the 6 Frank Herbert books and also tried to get into his son's books. Although the new books aren't good at all, I still read through them just because they're official to the dune universe. If you read battle of corrin, you'll see Omnious hardly mentioned at all, rayna butler is mentioned and starred far more than the main villain Omnious.

  5. After Leto (Jr) takes the throne (the book after children of dune), his transformation continues. He becomes a spice producing worm while all the other worms on arrakis die off due to the encroaching greenery and rain.