Saturday, February 12, 2011


I just finished reading Neuromancer for the first time a few weeks ago and must say, it was a very interesting read.  Neuromancer was also the first book I've read by William Gibson, so far I like his writing style.

The book is one of the first of the sub genre of science fiction known as Cyberpunk, with it's mega corporations that have more power than the government to the abstraction of the net into a three dimensional space.

The characters and plot made Neuromancer almost feel like a Shadowrun campaign, which for me is another plus.

Highly recommended the book to people who like science fiction.


  1. How about people who are new to sci-fi? Would it be a good read, or too complicated?

  2. I found it to be a good read really. It mixes things from our world like brand names on...everything to some more out there type stuff like the idea of when an AI attempts to makes itself more intelligent, it is instantly destroyed.